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How to build your CV ?
Step by step how to build a professional CV
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How to build your CV

Putting together a decent curriculum vitae can be immensely frustrating. You don?t really know what people are interested in hearing, & it can be hard to strike a balance between being professional & still having a personality!

The normal formula for a CV goes something like this?

Name & contact details ? Address, Pphone number, email address.

Personal information ? A short description about yourself & your skills & possibly career goals.

Proficiencies ? So, if you can program in C++ or speak German or you?re a whizz with spreadsheets, write them down. Be as specific as you can be (?Expert with Access databases?) & list them in bullet-point format.

Work experience ? with your most recent roles listed first. There is some debate as to how far in your history you should go back, but I think listing any more than 10 positions will probably make you look a bit flakey.

Academic/professional qualifications ? this is the place to say that you have a PhD in welding, for example, or that you took a course in tying your shoelaces, etc. You should include grades (don?t fake them, people sometimes ask for proof!) & the institution you studed at.

Additional skills ? you can write anything you like here, say that you have management experience or make great coffee.

Interests ? if you like playing darts or painting, write it down here. Keep it relatively sane-sounding, even if you?re not.

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